Got a story idea, opinion piece, or personal essay? We want to hear about it. But first, please take a few minutes to look at our requirements, and fill out the form if your story looks like a fit.

What ARE we looking for?

  • Stories produced by/for a young audience (think late teens to late twenties)
  • Stories that include people/places that aren’t always covered by traditional news sources
  • Stories that make you feel something and connect to a deeper truth
  • Stories with strong visual elements (photos, videos, illustrations, GIFs)
  • Stories that are relevant now and have a sharp perspective

What AREN'T we looking for?

  • Assignments you wrote for school or academia (wrong tone/audience)
  • Stories that tokenize young people (versus being grounded in our views/experience)
  • PR stories that promote a specific product or event without a larger context
  • Rants

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.